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Default Re: Which X-Men Should die or be dead in DOFP?

Yeah, they have a few options and whatever they choose they have to plan this carefully, cause it can get messy. Clean start post DOFP with either crew is just the best way to go. Audiences are gonna love this flick and want more. So they need to have a decent lifespan for the series.

Im sure they want to take advantage of alot more characters now that they see what Marvels doing, and with Millar mentioning Cable and X Force I would think they would want some sort of main modern X team going at the same time to start connecting films and building to another event like AOA. So I dont know if only a FC team would work, unless they fully bring them to the modern world or something of that sort. Singers team can still work but I just dont think it will/should ride on any of the previous trilogy.

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