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Default Re: Which X-Men Should die or be dead in DOFP?

Yes, but with Spiderman, it was two entirely different film series. You had Raimi's version. Then you had Marc Webb's.

No links, no ties, a brand new continuity, new actors, etc.

This would be entirely different because it would be redoing the same story within the exact same franchise, with the same actors if it's set in the current era rather than the 80's.

Oh by the way, general audience... remember The Last Stand? Well, forget it, here is the same arc re-adapted... but better!

It just won't happen. The ship has sailed, sadly. And they have so much other story potential to mine rather than, quite literally, going over old ground.

In reponse to the original post, if Rogue isn't the traveler, then I want her to be the last one standing after watching everyone around her die. Making Rogue a survivor, battling to the bitter end, is an incredible image. And such a coming of age moment for movie Rogue.

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