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Default Re: 'There's a wolf on the school' - The Booboo Stewart Thread

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
as I posted on another topic, Booboo really fits the FC x-men:

I feel a bit sad to know this seems unlikely now
Yeah, I've wanted to see how Singer would handle Banshee ever since he showed Siryn in X2. Havok or Cyclops would be cool, I don't think they have any energy blasters on the team yet.

But Booboo looks like he could fit on either team to me. And his hair might not look like that in DOFP.

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
Even if Matthew showed Hank running pretty fast, I think Singer should leave that in the past, like it never happened.

Would feel really weird to see transformed Beast running like characters as Quicksilver or Thunderbird.

That is NOT his power, so really hope Singer doesnt do that with him on this sequel or in the future.
Hated that in FC. One of the many reasons why I'm happy Vaughn isn't directing this one.

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