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Default Re: Rare's Sea of Thieves

Got a video review & two articles (one in video the other written )good new about the pro9blem being fix that were bothering player to make the game better for the gaming audiance.

Sea of Thieves Game Review - Electric Playground
2.1K views1 day ago Published on 03/28/2018

You might think he's a drunken sailor, but Victor Lucas actually kind of enjoyed the controversial pirate game Sea of Thieves. Watch his review to find out why!

No Man's Sky & Sea of Thieves Getting Better? - The Rundown - Electric Playground
1.1K views14 hours ago Publishede on 03/29/2018

Today in the Rundown, we have good news about the future of two very controversial games: No Man's Sky and Sea of Thieves! We also find out who is joining the cast of the new
Wonder Woman movie, get our asses to Mars with a remastered version of Red Faction: Guerrilla, find out how Doom is getting more gory, and finally, find out when the new game Jurassic World Evolution will break out!


Sea of Thieves’ first patch is live, but it requires you to redownload the entire game·

2 days ago
Comments 2

Rare’s first major patch for Sea of Thieves is now live, bringing along plenty of updates to help smooth out the early server problems as...Read more

source: PCGN

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