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Exclamation Re: The Standard - A Comic Written By ME!

Originally Posted by Keyser Soze View Post
I just want to direct you to a quote from the first page of this thread:

So, thanks Dread! The review is greatly appreciated!
No problem, dude. Despite being a "Marvel Zombie", I do try to support smaller comics, so long as they catch my interest. I chase Jay Faerber's DYNAMO 5, which sometimes doesn't even sell in the Top 300, after all. My review article got about 78 hits, which is kind of "ugh" compared to news articles, but hopefully a few of those people checked it out. To be fair, the NY hit average is 11 hits, and some review articles average around 50 hits, so on those terms it isn't bad.

I've always had ideas for my own comics, since I was in junior high. I've just been held back by an inability to draw, not being pals with anyone who could, and not having the spare funds/will to get it done. So, I appreciate those who manage to do what I haven't, at least yet.

Now a Brooklyn Comic Examiner! Come read more long posts!
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