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Default Re: Batman V Superman Box Office Prediction

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
I'm not asking you to how much a musical will make than asking you to compare it to the (musical)standard as those types of film obviously have a pretty fixed market. CBM's aren't some fixed genre where they all tend to make the same amount, they have a massive and broad audience, no doubt due to how transcendent the genre actual is, and they should be seen as any other film when it comes to potential.

If I ask you how much a spy film will stand to make, one that stars Will Smith and is directed by Speilberg or even James Cameron, are you going to run up the list of spy films that mare than 500million(none of which being in 3D mind you) or are you going to look at things like say: Smiths's averages, Cameron/Speilberg's averages, general and foreign market growth, the popularity of the property being adapted, 3D inflation(something not all cbms had)... My point is, yes I get how cbm's are relevant but film itself is more relevant. And the simple fact of the matter is there are alot of films, plenty that had even less going for them than "Batman vs Superman with Wonderwoman as a sequel" that have made a billion so perhaps when you give us a list of how many films have made a billion it might be more insightful to not simply look at four cbms but rather the 20 or so films that have proven how attainable that number is for a big film.
I'm confused, you seem to be under the impression that there were only 2 MCU films prior to Avengers...
But sure, let's work under that premise, that's all they had going into Avengers and that's all it took to create an event.

I don't think you do see the point then. That is, it's not about how much less money a poorly directed snyder Ironman or Hulk movie would make, it about how much gosh darn money a Snyder IronmanVsHulk movie would make if it happened right now. You keep talking about how "this ain't nolan's batman" or how little money MOS made, or Snyder being bad and I say it again, that matters little given the presented circumstance of an in continuity team up movie.

Not sure what you are meaning about nolans name being touched or getting heat? Confused what that point was about or in reference to.

I'm certain AoU will make a billion...
We were talking about during the time of TDK's release, those were the only two present at that time. Coincidentally just months before TDK's release. Or at least that's what I thought we were referring to, if not, I apologize for the confusion. I'm well aware Marvel had more than two movies before The Avengers. Lol.

Thank the Lord. I didn't want to get into a debate how that movie is a definite lock for 1B. Anyone that thinks otherwise is delusional.

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