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Default Re: Batman V Superman Box Office Prediction

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
Not really, given that Avengers had to basically saturate the movie theater capacity in order to hit that high.
The Avengers ranks #9 in "Widest Releases." It hit $207M because of several factors: 1) It delivered what fans wanted, 2) Years of build-up that paid off, 3) Sterling critical reviews, 4) People were determined to see the movie (hence the largest-per-theater average), and 5) Excellent word-of-mouth. (Not to mention April 2012's offerings were pretty anemic, which enabled Disney to get more screens.)

The Avengers succeeded, but it wasn't due to market saturation (though it helped satiate demand). The third Twilight movie is the widest-opening movie on record, but it barely hit $300M domestic. It's all a matter of perspective and circumstances.

Now BvS will be an event movie. There's no question the novelty factor will be a huge driving force, akin to The Avengers, what with this being WW's first big-screen appearance and watching DC's two titans battle it out. An opening weekend total north of $150M-$170M will be a huge win for this movie. If it goes higher, even better.

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