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Default Re: Batman V Superman Box Office Prediction

Originally Posted by Cooty_Cat View Post
It pushes a billion with good WOM or good critical reception. The only person I can think of that can make a billion with a poorly received movie is Michael Bay. Avengers does not make 1.5 billion without those critics giving the movie legs.

Its like everyone believes having Batman and Superman in the title will break records.
Avengers =/= Batman and Superman. The only huge hit with those Avengers movies was Iron Man. This is different.

Excuse my french, but the critics had **** to do with the Avengers making as much money as it did. They don't have that much power, never have and never will. Critics are like a single speck of dust in a sandstorm when it comes to these big budget blockbusters.

Even if this movie is poorly received like the Transformers movies, it will still cross a billion. It will cross that mark at a max three weeks, but it will most likely be two.

I don't know if the movie will break records, but it will most certainly break the billion dollar barrier in its sleep, whether it's TDK good or Transformers bad.

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