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Default Re: X-Men: First Class Easter Egg & Reference Thread... (*SPOILERS*)

Originally Posted by Primal Slayer View Post
Ya even though I smiled seeing Storm, it wouldve been early for her since she wasnt that old in the original trilogy. But just like w/Wolverine having her cameo in the trailer/deleted scenes as a child.
at least there she was actually shown as a young child,(an that scene was in mid to later 70’s) it almost could of fit the timeline... here she looked a bit older, early teenagers even... which would make here way to old in the original trilogy, I mean, at this point in time, even showing any of the original members, as babies might be a bit of a stretch

it was just thrown in there as a referece to the character, like I said, even if it were her mother (tho, I don't believe her mother was ever suggested to be a mutant herself, or to have white hair, was she?), its still a nice nod to character, just the same

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