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Default Re: How about the acts of vengeance?

Originally Posted by Orphix View Post
The Acts of Vengeance plotline is interesting because it subverts and has it's origins on the very first appearance of the MoE in The Avengers. In AoV the villains swap their adversaries to gain the upper hand. In their first appearance of The Avengers it is the Avengers who swap targets to defeat the MoE.

I'm not so keen on the one main villain and several henchmen style dynamic either. It makes it a little too formulaic somewhat like the first X-men film with Magneto as the leader.

I quite like using the western Silverado as a template (bare with me!) because in that film each protagonist gets their own personal nemesis who actually has an investment in that antogonistic relationship and own plotlines.
Exactly. You get it.

Instead of getting stuck with a generic Brotherhood of Evil mutants-type team, with one villain and a bunch of lackeys (which is what the Masters of Evil is) we can have that dream Mandarin/ Red Skull / Leader / Loki line-up that people keep pushing in the MOE thread.

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