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Default Re: Rammi and Elfman?

Originally Posted by webhead731 View Post
From what I understand, Sam wanted things to sound a bit like Hellraiser (by Christopher Young) in Ock's demonstration and Elfman basically said "you want Hellraiser, go get Young" so that's when Young came in. Hellraiser's theme is ridiculously similar to Young's score in that part.

Basically Raimi had very distinct ideas about what he wanted and where, and Elfman got a bit fed up. I know there are quite a few tracks in the extended score that were altered for the final film (to me, mostly for the best), and some that weren't even used and Young overscored the scenes.

I think both of them had valid reasons for their behaviors, but I think they should have compromised. Raimi is the director and does have a great say in what the music should be, but Elfman is the expert in that area. Like I said, most fighting seemed to come from them not agreeing on some things music-wise.
Very true.

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