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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!)

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
The problem Is Filming begins april 15 for DOFP and Anna Paquin Isn't available to start filming her scenes till sometime In June due to True Blood.If It wasn't for that I would
say Rogue would have the kitty Pryde role In film.It's possable Ellen Page Is back to take some of the role Bryan singer wanted for Rogue.

One of the biggest secrets of this film Is who Is time traveler?Is It changed to more than one character?Is It physical time travel? Are they sticking to time travel of changing mind with younger version of character?

If say Xavier,or wolverine go back In time by changing mind with younger self maybe It's Rogue's job to watch over that person during the travel.Maybe have to fight to guard
person during attack by Sentinles.
If Kitty is the traveller it will have to be physical time travel (she obviously won't be born yet, nor would Rogue, Iceman, etc. Unlikely even Scott or Jean would have been born by 1973 either).

If Wolverine is the traveller, mind swap or physical, that'd be very ###ing annoying to put it mildly (not least as I want to see him get killed in the future with his charred skeleton, claws still popped, in all its glory).

Xavier is a possible I suppose, and it might be fun to see how well Macovoy can ape Patrick Stewart, but I think that one's unilkely. Same applies for Magneto (that being said Magneto swapping with his younger self could be an interesting twist).

Anyways, atm my money is on Kitty, as it was in the books, but going back physically. Now in the books she was the only viable candidate as her younger self had not been trained yet to resist telepathic attacks, but maybe for this they can say the nature of her powers makes her the only one who can survive the process of physical time travel.

And if Singer wanted Rogue for the role of traveller then I have to question his reasoning. Rogue never did much worthwhile in the films when she had powers, what use is she without? At least Kitty took down the Juggernaut...

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