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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by snyderrocks View Post
yes james franco did elevate oz the great and powerful to be the hit it has become since his career choices post spider man 3 have been credible pineapple express , 127 hours , rise of planet of the apes ect and because of that james was was able to elevate oz to box office glory like Robert downey jr and johnny depp did for sherlock holmes and the pirates of the Caribbean .
Strangely enough, both of those latter actors were up for the role ahead of Franco. I wonder if RDJ or Depp's (insane) star power would have had any effect on OZ. Inversely I wonder what Franco could have done for the Iron Man or Pirate's films success on star power alone.

After Earf's biggest weapon is it's star at this point.

There's a reason WB want's bale back as batman....I digress, I dont' think the effect of star power on a films performance is all that arguable. Tatums everywhere now, at least compared to where he was when he lead the first film. And instead of Marlon Waynes the seasoned Dennis Quaid, he's flanked by the rock and Bruce Willis. If star power means anything, this should do a little better than the last on that principle alone.

If I were to bring this back to MoS as well.
If TF and IM and Spiderman and Hunger games and Skyfall can just show up and stand on their own and make money, I believe in MoS doing similar on it's own merit, I just need wb to do it's part.

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