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Default Re: The North Korean Situation II

Originally Posted by Kelly View Post
I don't now tha they are as brainwashed as you think....I think they are afraid of their government, but that is far differet from being brainwashed.

I think the main difference of North Korea and other countries, except for maybe Libya at this point, is that the military is strongly behind the leader OR actually in charge. Which means, I would not see a defection from the military to keep from shooting civilians...they seem to be quite content at keeping the civilians scared and would not hesitat to shoot if the need came about.....whereas other countries, that is how the regime was taken down, the military turned on the leadership.
Granted, I've only read a half dozen books on it, watched a few documentaries on it, and listened to a few lectures, but, you might be surprised. Read about the defectors. I.e. the ones who actually escaped North Korea. How long it took to rehabilitate them. And then realize that they were the sanest people in North Korea.

Being taught from birth that Kim Il-sung makes the tides come in and out, and a lifetime of propaganda, combined with malnutrition will make anyone brainwashed.

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