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Default Re: The Official Trophies Thread!!! - Part 1

Originally Posted by JaD View Post
I don't know, I haven't really studied them all that much yet but from a few glances at them some will come through natural multiplayer/grinding and some others were pretty specific. It does seem more MP heavy than it should be, especially since it's not even a proven multiplayer yet. I don't know why these developers think they can put 50+ hours of MP content into a game that we're getting introduced to. Maybe if it's a hit you can give us that much content next time
Totally agreed with this and the other comments on multiplayer trophies. A game's multiplayer should have to be of a certain certified standard before it can put in achievements that take a life age to complete. Max rank for eg only on the likes of Battlefield, not every crappy shooter out there. The worst ones are linked to finishing 1st on leaderboards or winning titles that only 1 person in the world can have at a time (Fight Night). Games like Tomb Raider should only include a multiplayer if it's of the same quality as the single player (which it seems it isn't at all). I usually buy all DLC for every top game to reward the developers further but might not here.. I'll at least put it off for as long as possible if I do eventually get it.

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