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Default Re: The Official Trophies Thread!!! - Part 1

Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
i still need to get that done. Hijacking an atlas and 5000 kills are what are in my way
Cool, I don't remember going for hijacking an atlas and just saw an enemy fall out of one and jumped in. I now have 100% in the whole trilogy. One of the best video game trilogies ever, I'm glad I jumped into these games even though the words "RPG" instantly turned me off

5000 kills I think took me 2 1/4 playthroughs, I was surprised. I almost screwed up the Unwavering trophy (well, technically I did but I was saved) because that trophy says to complete every single player mission on Insanity and while I did just that, I missed just ONE that I either overlooked or was locked out and missed without me knowing it. I don't even remember getting that trophy straight in my mind and wasn't planning to take shortcuts, but damn, just one freakin' mission that I missed and I thought I was screwed. I just stared at my TV, like "F***." when I read online about this Unwavering trophy.

Thankfully, if that happens you can replay the game on the lowest difficulty until the mission(s) you missed and turn the difficulty back to Insanity and complete it. Luckily I remembered from memory which one I didn't remember doing and it was "Rescue Admiral Kortis" or something like that. It took a very quick 3 hours of running through the story but it was better than replaying the whole game on Insanity Whew.


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