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Default Re: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 TV series)

Why isn't this board more active, man! I'm shocked!

Anyway, I grew up with this show and had a good deal of the toys. I also lived for the three live action films (yes I know, the third one is a turd but as a kid it rocked) and would torture my parents with my constant playing of the VHS's. Those were the days.

While the 2K3 series is my favorite I still adore this version. It's goofy, its campy but it's so much fun and the humor and wackiness is very much intentional. I especially love all the winks and nods to pop culture in the show-something I can appreciate as an adult.

The gets a bit stale and worn around season 5 but picks up again during season 7. I actually really enjoy the "Red Sky" years. I'm glad they focused on new villains. The Shredder/Kraang dynamic was well worn out by then. They needed to mix it up.

This is also a show that holds up visually. Ya, many jokes have been made about the animation goofs, but the actual animation itself is still pretty great. It's bright, its well lit and textured and the movement is more fluid than a lot other 80s cartoons.

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