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Default Re: The Official Nicholas Hoult/Beast Thread

Originally Posted by bubbadoom View Post
Kelsey Grammer's entire head from the neck up was covered in prosthetics, much more than just blue paint, from the looks just as much as this Beast was. At least KG's speaking was not restricted, something a few of you claim with this version, which I do not agree with. And I do not think there was any digital alterations to the mouth when he growled, he can open his mouth with appliances on.
You may not think it is but watch it again. There is definitely some CGI at play.

I can't wait until the blu ray comes out and I hope they do a somewhat in depth behind the scenes on how they made Beast come to life in First Class.

Definitely recommend for you to re watch the film and take a closer look at the facial movements when he chokes Magneto and dose the wide mouth yell inside the X-Wing.

There are instances in where he is "normally" talking and they leave it be and you see the constrictions of the make up and prosthetics. By the way Grammers weren't nearly as extensive as those that Hoult is sporting.

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