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Default Re: The Official Nicholas Hoult/Beast Thread

Originally Posted by craigdbfan View Post
I realize that it's an adaptation which completely looks different from the Jim Lee's illustrations. You're the one that needs to pay attention, the Beast drawn by Jim is far more cat and animal like than 90's toon version which humanized his face for kids and changed the hairstyle as well.

The fact that you consider it a direct adaptation is showing your lack in observation.
All I was pointing out is that the Jim Lee Beast shown was drawn YEARS before the cat mutation concept was introduced into the comics, and that both illos are based upon the SAME version of the Beast, just different artists take on it.

Almost ALL the cat Beast's I have seen in the comics look like crap, and even thought that's what the director wanted for this X-MEN movie, I am happy to see the make-up artist ignored most of that input.

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