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Default Re: The Official Nicholas Hoult/Beast Thread

Originally Posted by bubbadoom View Post
I am sure they could have enhanced it a little with CGI, but it just looked like they told him to open his mouth wider to me. Grammer's appliances do not look as thick at Hoult's, but they covered the same areas - neck, head, forehead, entire face, nose, lips, etc. - look at a photo of Grammer in and out of make-up, maybe his lower lip is not covered, but that's it.
You just pointed out the difference why it would be harder for Hoult to emulate...

Especially in the mouth area. This isn't even debatable. There's a complete heavy layer of skin mesh creating a full lip area with a division between his bottom nasal area to create the "cat" look and even gives him the underlip of a cat including the atypical second look of a felines lower lip. That's not even touching the work they did near the eye area to further enhance the look.

This would most definitely cause for complications in talking. It looked great nonetheless and I'm sure it'll be streamlined in the sequels but going back to Grammer he had a much easier setup to work with when talking in Last Stand.

Also just because they covered the same area doesn't mean its as intricate/complex, not in the slightest.

(for reference)

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