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Default Re: Avengers Sequel ideas?

I was thinking of possible routes Marvel could go and continue to push the envelope, and I came up with the following fantasy scenario:

Iron Man 3
Cap 2

Guardians of the Galaxy
(Possibly revamped as a cosmic team lead by Captain Marvel, they try to stop Thanos and fail more or less, but Miss Marvel is created)

Possibly a Black Panther or Dr. Strange Movie

Avengers 2- Thanos/Infinity Gauntlet

Heroes for Hire
Black Panther/Doc Strange Intro Duction
BP/Strange Sequel
Ant Man/Wasp

Avengers 3 - Team deals with Super powered Tech Baddies ala Secret War, perhaps from an over thrown Wakanda rather than Latveria

Secret Avengers- Same summer as Avengers 3, this covers the invasion/war team created by Fury, toppling the Wakanda Government, Fury goes into hiding, Many Avengers 3 scenes from new perspectives.

After Avengers 3/Secret Avengers opinion is split and we have two Avengers teams. The damage caused leads to registration calls, and Fury is in hiding, Stark/Hill run Shield. Setting up -

Avengers: Civil War- A scaled down version of the comic, between the two Avengers Teams.

I know I'm dreaming, since the actors would all be too old, but I can dream, and I think covering Secret War and Civil War would be Amazing.

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