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Default Re: The Official "Get Marvel's Rights Back!" Thread

Originally Posted by Marathon View Post
Maybe the X-Men rights could be bought with a bit of crowdsourcing... everyone who donates gets a thank you credit for the MCU reboot. And the more you donate, the more prestigious the title given to you in the movie's credits.

Or then just make it a stock (so shares bought instead of donations) and license the IP to Marvel Studios.

All of this might sound too far-fetched, but if fans are serious about getting X-Men back to Marvel any time soon, these are the only options I can think of. So either a joint Marvel/independent fans project to get the rights back or a completely independent IP acquisition project to be then licensed. The latter is obviously more complicated because it would require the formation of a new company/organization to control the IP.
Fox doesn't want to sell the rights. Period.

That is the main stumbling block for getting these characters back to Marvel. Fox and Sony know that there is near-limitless profit to be made from these properties as long as they control them. They have little to no incentive to sell the rights back at any price as long as they see the potential to profit from them in the future.

This is why I've stated numerous times that the best way to unify the MCU is to offer Fox/Sony permanent distribution rights of some sort in exchange for creative control and co-financing. That way, everybody still gets a taste and the characters can exist in the same universe.

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