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Default Re: The Official "Get Marvel's Rights Back!" Thread

Originally Posted by Marathon View Post

At any rate, DoFP will be the watershed moment... If it only, say, breaks even, would there be an opportunity there to seize upon the rights?
Due to the sheer volume of the characters involved with the contract, Fox wouldn't turn over the rights to Disney without first receiving a check running into 10 figures. With the rights they hold Fox could turnover the X-Men roster yet again, put out the New Mutants movie proposed by their former studio head, release a Deadpool movie, or put out a cheap X Men Origins: Dazzler just to hold onto the film rights. Though less profitable on a per movie basis than Spider-man, the endless film possibilities involving the X Men represents a steady long-term income stream for Fox that they won't turn over to Disney/Marvel unless they pay dearly for it.

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