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Default Re: Hot Toys Michael Keaton Batman! NEW!

Originally Posted by theman View Post
im normally not into the 1/6 figures as they are too big to collect, but i am totally getting this. one of these days when i have 200 bucks to burn, the B89 bats and joker are MINE. aside from batman, i am a huge michael keaton fan and i think he is not only the best batman but a superb actor. rarely do i see an actor who can do so many different roles who can be both funny and serious, not to mention a really interesting, even phsycotic look. i just watched clean and sober with keaton and he was TERRIFIC. worth checking out.
Make sure you don't wait too long. The TDK figures from the DX line (same as these) originally went for about $200 new, but are now going for upwards of $900- $1000.

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