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Default Re: Ultimate Spider-Man animated series discussion thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by strugler View Post
Yeah, like anyone can create a tv show!!!

what a load of bull you sir wrote. what kind of logic is this? if i dont like something i should go do better??? So if i dont like the president i should be one??? LOL

Believe me if we could we would create a show, and guess what any spider man fan older than 12 would create something better that this garbage.

The show is getting hate because it sucks. Why do you think you didnt see this much hate for any previous marvel show? because this one is the worst and Marvel deserves the hate they are getting.
Dude I was suggesting writing fanfiction or something. There's no reason to fly off the handle.

And yeah, if you think you can do better go ahead. It's really damn difficult to write fiction of any kind, much harder than you think it is.

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