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Default Re: Ultimate Spider-Man animated series discussion thread - Part 1

I think the hate is overblown though I do think USM has some crippling flaws. At the same time, episodes six and seven weren't that bad so maybe the show is improving . . . albeit to the mediocrity Ben 10 and Generator Rex typically stayed at.

The thing I hate most about USM, and the other two MOA productions I mentioned, is that there is a total lack of foreshadowing and buildup in all three shows' events. MOA shows have their episodes start with the introduction to the situation of the episode with little-to-no buildup or foreshadowing in previous episodes which really dampens the events happening onscreen. It also has crippled characterization because there's no time to develop anybody when the episode is just rushing to get the episode's plot done and away within 20 minutes.

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