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Default Re: Olympus Has Fallen

Originally Posted by dude love View Post
Olympus Under Siege.

Steven Seagal as White House Chef Casey Ryback
Harrison Ford as President James Marshall
I'd have watched the hell out of that!

Actually, the reason we never got Under Siege 3 was some kind of rights issues between Warners and Regency, by the time those got cleared up The Sensei was already in DTV land and helping himself to the buffet (He's actually back in the shape he was in Exit Wounds now).
I thought Seagal didn't want to do a 3rd Under Siege as he got the whole "I need to expand my range" bug, and then realized he didn't have any and made Exit Wounds.

He's back in Exit Wounds shape? I know he's currently pretending to train Anderson Silva and lurking around UFC events making stories up, but I'd love to see him in The Expendables 3.

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