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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - Part 9

Originally Posted by Saint View Post
My opinion, from day one, has been that the Young Justice design pretty much the gold standard in terms of a modernization of the Batman costume.

Yeah, the truth is we're just talking about a couple of scribbles on the classic costume. However, when you compare it to Jim Lee's New 52 mess, you can see how a couple of scribbles can make a huge difference.

The New 52 outfit just like like random, unnecessary embellishment. While it has been drawn well by certain artists, in general Lee's lines are pretty much junk.

The lines on the YJ costume complement the body and the design of the costume subtly. This is something that would look right at home next the pretty solid MOS costume--which again, demonstrates that a couple of well placed lines can make all the difference. The MOS suit isn't perfect, and isn't superior to the classic costume, but they were smart about how they used their embellishment, and as such they managed to solve three of the classic "problems" (if you see them that way) with bringing the Superman suit to screen--the trunks, the sweater-sleeves, and the old-fashioned collar.

Jim Lee tried to solve these problems, too. the collar and the trunk problems he failed on. The sweater sleeve problem he actually succeeded on, though--the little pentagonal shields on the wrists are pretty clever.
If you remove the trunks and modernise the belt the YJ suit is very similar to the New 52 suit.

I'd be happy with a combination of either of these.

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