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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR?

Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
Not to argue the merits of the voice for like the umpteenth time, but I felt it was streamlined just as good as in TDKR as it was in BB - "Where is the trigger?" not withstanding, lol.
I didn't mind "Where is the trigger?" like most people do (weird, I know), but I did mind the bit right after that: "WHARISZZHAT." He even does this stupid looking thing with his lips that reminds me of fan parodies before the movie came out that were vastly exaggerating the negativity of the voice for humor's sake.

It was almost like he was doing an impression of them.

The only other time I ever felt like this in the trilogy was the "Ex-communicated by a gang of psychopaths" line.

Other than those two offenses, it was shifty between fine to a little disappointing in TDK, and rocky-to-tolerable in TDKR. And 90-something% awesome in Begins.

My favorite delivery in TDK is probably his scolding Harvey the first time he flips the coin while interrogating a dude, before he becomes Two-Face. The Joker goon with the Rachel Dawes badge.

Oh, and also the "You're the one holding the gun, Harvey" bit.

The characterizations of Batman in BB and TDK were perfect for me, in that we had the shadowy/creature of the night in BB and a more "on-the-go" crime-fighting Batman, in his prime, in TDK.
I thought TDK definitely nailed the 'on-the-go' thing. And 'prep-time'.

He was a little clumsy outside of that though, which didn't make sense to me after how efficient he was in Begins.

I liked where they were going with the whole legendary status and possible past his prime take on Batman/Bruce. I just wish we had some more of Bale in the suit, but that's probably my inner fan boy nitpicking.
I was secretly wishing for another suit upgrade. Just to see Bale looking fresh and super cool, fix some of the aesthetic problems I had with the TDK suit.

Ohhhh well.

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