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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

Joker ftw.

Motive; Joker wants to break Gotham's soul, bring in a better class of criminal, and exposes the morality of good people as a bad joke. Win.
Bane wants to fulfill the legacy of a guy who kicked him out of his gang, and it contradicts Ra's ideals cos Ra's only wanted to waste Gotham when it was full of crime and corruption not during a peace time. Fail.

Characterization; Joker all the way. Ledger out acted muzzle voiced Bane. Joker was his own man doing his own thing. Bane was a LOS servant doing it cos he loves Talia.

Impact; The J-Man did things to Bruce that can never be changed like killing Rachel. Ya can heal from a broken back but ya can't bring back the dead.

Skills; Joker needed no army to wreak chaos on Gotham. Give him a few drums of gas and a couple of bullets and he's got citizens rioting in the streets and the National Guard being called in. That's skill.

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