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Default Unintentionally Funny Moments in The Dark Knight Rises

Was wondering if anyone else chuckled during times not meant for it. Here are mine.

1. Bane's prologue voice
2. Talia's cliche "take a last breath and die" death scene
3. Gordon's surviving pretty much unharmed from the truck fall.
4. The ultimate in my opinion, copied and pasted from a moderator because he worded it better than I ever could:
Originally Posted by craigdbfan (speaking about Batman questioning Bane about the trigger)
That was awesome. He took it beyond parody and became something else entirely.

"Argh, ugh, Cover the doors. Wherza da twigeraaaahz! Wherea iz it!? AAAAAAHH You'da neerer grive it to an ooorinarie cirrrezen! Wherea iz it! *starts getting tired* whereaizit...?"

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