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Default Re: 3 Reasons "Days Of Future Past" Is Actually X4

Originally Posted by JackMercy View Post
If you're referring to me above...yes, perhaps I worded that wrongly.

What I meant was: they're not aiming to get every single original cast member back just because they can.

Singer is using the "it may not be right for the story" excuse...which for the film story they're planning, may even be...[gasp] right!

Well, that may be true but I think it would be a grave mistake not to have Halle Berry/Storm in the mix for this upcoming film. Like...huge mistake. Not only did Storm have a big role in the source material for this particular storyline, but the X-Men will need some serious "big guns" to take down Sentinels. Of the core four (Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops and Jean) we only have one big name and he's not gonna be nearly enough in battle with those bots. The long range destruction Storm can create will make for thrilling visual effects even if they keep her restricted to a cameo. But even still, I would think the story calls for it...unless, as BMM put it, they continue to s*** all over the 616 material which they've shown great willingness to do. LOL

They also NEED Cyclops (and Jean but that's all f***ed up now) for similar reasons. One of the reasons First Class failed in sales is because the storyline was lacking the franchise's biggest character names. I know a ton of X-Men Fans (including myself and a large number of personal friends) only went to see the film once in theatres out of loyalty. After that it was like, "It was good, Jean/Scott/Storm, etc."

They can't do that again with this film and the fact they've secured Shawn, Anna, etc. shows they got the point.

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