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Default Re: 3 Reasons "Days Of Future Past" Is Actually X4

Originally Posted by NanaT View Post
I think Singer has given Storm's role to Rogue for this movie which pisses me off to no end. Why add a a character that did not appear in the source material only to give her the role that belongs to a different character that could easily be used for this movie. After Wolverine, Storm is the next OT character that makes the most sense to be used. What makes matters worse is for Bryan to say that Storm doesn't fit for the story, I've never heard such an ignorant statement. The ultimate slap in the face for all Storm fans.
Agreed. Storm has one of the largest (and most rabid! LOL) fanbases in the X-Men comic reading community. I truly believe FCs sales were lower because the character wasn't playing a major in it (along with other factors, i.e. the aforementioned missing Scott and Jean who should have been founding members of the X-Men in FC). But...

To the studio's credit though I think they understand her value. That's why she's had an appearance in every X-Men spin off (as a toddler in Wolverine, and in the Cerebro sequence in FC). She brings a great deal of diversity not to mention seriously glorious money shots.

She's supposed to be in the storyline, period. I have a hard time believing Halle Berry woul turn down a role she's dedicated a decade of her career to building and promoting. This franchise is her biggest and most successful. If she isn't in in Days it'll be because Bryan axed her.

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