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Default Re: 3 Reasons "Days Of Future Past" Is Actually X4

Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post
Besides, it's been confirmed by a large number of on-line resources, including The Hollywood Reporter, that James Marsden was a focus of the studio at least as late as last December. So who knows? We didn't *see* him die in X3, unlike Charles Xavier.
Ok, Source? The Hollywood Reporter had one report where they listed James Marsden and Halle Berry as examples of original castmates who had NOT yet been cast in the movie (it didn't even say they were rumoured). Then a bunch of sites spun that report into something that it wasn't. Are you talking about something else?

To me it would make sense to bring Marsden back. His profile has been raised considerably since The Last Stand (Enchanted, Hairspray, Hop and just more roles in general). He's not an A-lister but he has that clean cut superhero image. I would love to see him and Famke cameo in an averted-disaster coda at the end of the film.

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