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Default Re: Rila Fukushima as Yukio

Originally Posted by The Infernal View Post
How is it such a disservice? Any movie version of Psylocke will differ significantly from her comic counterpart. This version of Yukio developing as a character into the movie version of Psylocke seems like it could be a good fit.
Yes, Psylocke would differ somewhat from her comic counterpart when/if adapted, but to shuffle her off onto another character entirely is a disservice. That's like saying she's not strong enough to stand on her own so they have to put her history/characteristics on to someone else that's already established.

And again, Yukio doesn't need to turn into Pyslocke. For one, like I already said, prophetic dreams of deaths in no way, shape, or form could ever turn into what Psylocke can do without a LOT of fanwanking. And again, Yukio is a strong character who gets **** done on her own without relying on big powers. That makes her strong and is part of the essence of the character. Giving her Psylocke's powers would make that secondary to them, and again, are not needed for who she is at the end of the day.

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