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Default Re: The Ultimate DC/Marvel Tournament

As stated by the Founder:

Originally Posted by Hellstormer
Please read before voting.
1) I, Genesis 1.0 or someone I appoint will post a match.
Originally Posted by Hellstormer
2) Make a post clearly stating who you think will win and I will tally these posts and give a score. The higher score in the end is the winner. If your post is not clear your vote will be rejected.

3) The heroes are always fighting at their most recent power levels before they were dead/powerless unless otherwise noted.

4) Teams are always the most recent incarnation before they were disbanded.

5) Any power connection such as the Speedforce, Motherbox, Power Cosmic ect. is still in effect regardless of the location unless otherwise stated.

6)There are no ringouts, competitors must be defeated by one another unless otherwise mentioned.
7) Never vote against Azrael or Moon Knight!


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