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Default Re: Scenes in the movie that made go "Uhhh really?"

Originally Posted by spider_rob View Post
Too bad all of Bay's films follow the same tone and stupidity. Transformers 2&3 are basically full on Bay depravity with Transformers added on the side.

I also think it's funny how you never mention Bay's pacing issues, character issues, writing issues, etc. It must only be about the SFX and action for you.
Actually I mentioned just about all of those aspects in my short review...not so much his writing issues, considering the presence of a unionized writer on all films(even bays). But even if it was all about SFX for me, I'd be proud to say so, like I said before, I don't like films for socially acceptable reasons, I just like them. Bays films are entertaining for tons or reasons, and that's not just my opinion.(link to current box office charts and RT audience score)

If I go to a stand up comedy show, I don't care if it's not as insightful as lecture on world literature. It matters that I'm entertained. What I find silly is people telling other people not to like that same 2 hr stand up because it isn't in the same vain as my history prof's "stand up." Some films seek to entertain by way of "Story telling" others seek to do different things.

Film and Story.
Some stand up is actually about story telling, some about props, others about other things. Just like some modern art is about principles established during the renaissance while other modern art is literally finger painting. Be your person, it's less stressful

"I care because filmmakers now make films under crippling security because of parasitic gossip. makes movies worse"
-James Mangold.
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