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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by C. Lee View Post
I hadn't made any comments on the quality of TDKR until last week....because I didn't see it until after it came out on DVD. Many people are just now getting to see it, and so are new to commenting on it.

When I started commenting on it last week, and explaining calmly and rationally why I did not like the film as a whole. I was repeatedly told I was wrong. I was told I couldn't comprehend a well made movie. I was told I was over sensitive. And so on and so on.

I am not trying to change anyone's opinion of TDKR. I am not telling anyone their opinion or feeling is wrong.

I simply ask the same in return.
Couldn't agree more. Myself? I'm just so disastified with the movie that I suppose I like coming here to talk to others of the same ilk. At the same time, I do enjoy reading the posts of those that like it and hear what they have to say. I don't feel that I have to 'go after' people that post positive reviews of the film as I respect their opinions, but it does seem at times that some posters really take it to heart when I've posted negative comments about the film. Debating with someone that this movie was 'good' or 'bad' is as futile as debating "duck season" or 'rabbit season". Just depends on your perspective.

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