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Default Re: Guardians of the Galaxy: General Discussion & Speculation Thread - Part 7

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In the comics Thanos adopts lots of people. He also adopts/kidnaps Moondragon, Drax's daughter, and brings her to Titan where she is brainwashed and her telepathy powers are exploited. This could be one reason Drax has come to space to stop Thanos, although he does not know it yet. Thanos might have a few people like Moondragon and Warlock in his collection who are unrecognizable/not involved in the story at this point.

Maybe Thanos can't have kids but has deceived Nebula, Gamora, Ronan, and Moondragon into believing or claiming they are close to the Eternal's genetics to instill fear in the populations on the planets, and deceive Supreme Intelligence into following Thanos as an Emperor.
Nebula makes sure Ronan never finds out he is not Thanos's son... A reversal on Luke being Vader's son, no one is actually Thanos's child.. they find out they're not.. He lied to them all and made them believe the space kingdoms could ascend to the position of Emperor of Andromeda to control them more effectively, but none of them are an actual heir to his rule. Thanos promised Loki that he could rule Earth, "the universe would be his"...

Nebula has her eyes on the prize, she uses her position as a supposed relative of Thanos to her advantage to make her more than a feared space pirate to the populations of the planets and the Nova corps. The corps are trying to bring new systems of politics and policing to the galaxy to stop empire building, and like Shield they want to route out corruption, and protect people from being ruled or hurt by others, but have become corrupt themselves in some ways. Thanos would eventually dislike Nebula claiming to be related to him, Nebula would have goals of her own relating to the gems. Nebula and Gamora know they aren't related to Thanos from the beginning, and don't carry the Eternal bloodline that Thanos uses to try to oblige the Kree to follow him with. Both are feared for their own reasons, Nebula was a ruthless space pirate before adopted into Thanos's program, but both are even more feared because people believe they are related to Thanos. Gamora is quick to correct anyone who says she is, and Nebula is quick to say that she is related to Thanos...

Ronan believes Thanos will someday allow him to ascend to the throne of the Galaxy and that he will become Emperor of the Galaxy, but Thanos just needs his army and won't die anytime soon. Thanos secretly influences many things by proxy, like the scepter was supposed to do to humans, but the humans are "unruly" and not enough of the mind gems energy was in the scepter. The mind energy/space gem energy in the tesseract combined to open and stabilize the portal. Some characters can sometimes open portals with their mind or find hidden backdoors between spaces, but "if it was easy" to find rifts between spaces, get to the correct places all the time, and to open stabilized wormholes/ move across vast distances instantly, "everyone would do it". Thanos's forces are confined to andromeda for the time being, Asgard and earth are too far away, interstellar travel takes too long until Thanos develops better crafts, most of Thanos's attention is focused on gems that could be in Andromeda. If he gets the time gem, reality gem, or soul gem he can find ways to speed things up, the Nova corps also started developing warp drives. The one Star Lord ends up with could be state of the art, capable of intergalactic travel, and telepathically linked to him.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Loki rules the Asgardians in secret now -- it's more effective that way, and he didn't deliver the space gem/tesseract to Thanos, he kept it for Asgard and split the stones up, Loki had two gems and gave one up... Thanos might be mad that Loki kept the space gem, because Loki was specifically supposed to deliver that one to him in Avengers. The Chitauri needed the space gem to portal to Earth quickly, Thanos didn't think earth would require much force, Loki had spent some time looking into our minds and knew Thanos wasn't devoting the right army... we're too unruly, all the mind gem's energy would be needed, or a lot more force. Loki gave up on earth and decided to rule Asgard, he left the scepter/part of the mind gem in Shield's hands.... Loki secretly scattered the gems on Thanos, it's not wise to keep them all together.. If Loki was afraid of Thanos he might have even kept both gems for himself, but he didn't, he's up to something even bigger. He's stalling Thanos... Thanos needed Loki to open the portal in Avengers with the tesseract/space gem's power because it would take too long for the chitauri to travel to another galaxy, even at light speeds. So without the space gem which is now in Asgard, Thanos is forced to go after other gems closer to/within Andromeda, or get warp drive ships made by the Kree, while Loki is buying space and time... Other could still torment his mind, but Loki learned to block him out in prison, and how to shapeshift from Frigga's books. Loki learned many of his tricks from Frigga, but tricks can sometimes be used for good, Odin might not understand and had to be pulled into the Limbo dimension, a dimension outside of time/space that is close to death, but not quite. Closer to cyberspace/dreamspace/Tahiti. Loki overpowered and shapeshifted into Odin through a variation of shapeshifting the Space Phantoms do, stealing bodies and shunting them into Limbo... Loki is still learning how to shapeshift and project illusions in different ways, it's harder than we think to do illusions that can be passed through without fading, when someone touched Frigga the illusion was revealed.

Limbo is Immortus's magic dimension, and some characters' energies/quantum fields never crossed all the way into the light realms yet. Immortus, a badly altered Kang from the future who never gets to create real time travel, has disguised himself as the Grandmaster of the Elders of the Universe and helped resurrect Drax from beyond time and space with the time gem. Immortus must battle Thanos for Collector's mind soul & body on the astral planes, Immortus lost his body and soul... He is only Kang's mind... Collector has genetics he likes, can live a very long time, and is near immortal, Grand Master was getting too old, but Thanos is in Collector's mind, and Immortus needs Collector's mind/body... When Thanos leaves it, Collector's body/mind becomes conquered by Kang's mind and becomes Immortus -- an Immortal instead of an Eternal or a Celestial or an Elder. Thanos has conquered many minds and manipulates partially artificial minds and supreme intelligence. Kang lost his body because the 31st century body doesn't exist anymore, he ended up in Limbo and makes the space phantoms haunt Thanos. Yondu similarly had to originally use the time gem to escape his time as it vanished, and he showed up in the current GoTG timeframe, in which no date is given. At some point in the future Thanos will destroy half the universe, this will cause the 31st century characters to sometimes exist and sometimes not. The Space Phantom was the second villain the Avengers faced as a team after Loki. Comments were made at one point about GoTG being kind of like ghostbusters in space, this could be because Space Phantoms and the soul gem are involved, but then at the end the characters learn about Knowwhere, the time gem, and Limbo. Limbo is a dimension connected to both the soul and time being lost... Both the soul and time gem are introduced to us, but it is driving Thanos mad because the entire galaxy is looking for them and one of them seems to be in the middle of knowwhere. The other ends up in Star Lord's hands.

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It has something resembling a head and eyes, but a face?
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