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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
A lot of people here still remember how about bad XOW was. But once they saw the film and it turned out to be a good movie, they would eventually appreciate the movie. Look at X-Men: First Class. A lot of people didn't think it would turn out as a good movie.

But he is a mutant in the comics, so he should be a mutant in the movie too.
But too many think Man of steel will be greatest film ever and that Thor will be do Iron Man level business.

Chris Nolan's Involvement Is very limited with Man of steel even he admitted It.David Goyer Is princibal writer,and hear Nolan didn't work on script.Watchman was considered a disappointment and sucker punch outright bombed.Plus I absoletly hated the teaser.Bearded Clark Kent doing manual labor? And with Thor the fact they are bringing back one of worst elements of first film(the so unnecsary character of Darcy) plus one of writers was writer of Fantastic Four:Rise of the Silver Surfer(If you are going to bash
SImon Kinberg for being one of writers of Days of future Past you have to bash him) and Joss Whedon did Thor and Loki better In the Avengers than
the solo film did(The confornaiton between Thor and Loki Is so much better In Avengers than solo film)

With James Mangold Fox hired real director.Marvel hired a TV director for Thor(sorry but not all TV directors are Joss Whedon) and Zach snyder Is such a Dumb A(You know what I mean) that he still was trying to deny Zod Is villain.

Iron Man III without question will be top grossing comic book film of 2013 but I can't say I am overly excited for It.Using the Extremies storyline at least partly.Making War machine look like Iron Patroit.Possibly removing all Chinese elements of The Mandarian and unknown If he will have rings of power.

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