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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
I really hope It hasn't changed much from the leaked script details.It seemed pretty
good.My belief Is character of Zen who convinced wolverine to go to Japan was merged
Into Yashida(who may be Shingen's father)

was It ever said Aronofsky worked on script? If It was we can safely confirm that
god awful Batman Year One script was Frank Miller's fault.
Aronofsky talks about working with Chris McQuarrie on the Script:

"Chris McQuarrie wrote a great screenplay. We're trying to get it into a slightly better place but he's working on it, and I think it'll be easy to fix."
James Mangold talks about working with Mark Bomback on the script rewrites:

“Mark Bomback and myself have done a tremendous amount of writing on the movie,” he revealed. “There’s not a page that hasn’t been worked and reworked and rethought and story-boarded. So it just is what it is; I mean, kind of the part of connecting to the movie and developing the scenes and finding the locations and devising the action is all about not only making it good, but also in the process making it your own.”

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