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Default Re: Goyer Admits They Didn't Plan How 'Reporter Clark Kent' Could Make Sense

Man I already said peace! But still...
Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
The film does not show any of those things happening, in terms of government and media response. It does not even suggest them. It does not even suggest them.
The movie's failing. Goyer made grand proclamations about how the movie will deal with a story of first contact.

And even besides that, have you heard of ellipsis in story-telling? Do you think movies have 24 hour coverage of the story? That you are supposed to keep your brain in a disposable bag and ONLY see what the movie is showing you? Have you ever seen a challenging film or a European art film? If you only go by what is being shown on screen, you would not even begin to understand the film.

What I am stating are the things that are arising from the film's scenario and that it creates such logical problems means that the film's scenario is ill thought and ill conceived not that I am making stuff out of thin air.

"Not shown on the screen therefore it did not happen!" Seesh!
Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
You're trying to tie all this to Zod going to the Kent farm, without considering that even if it were discovered that Zod went there, that even if it were discovered he went there first, it could easily be explained away by ANY involved (Clark, Lois, Martha, the military, police, the people of Smallville, etc) as just one of Zod's "stops" on the way to downtown Smallville.
There was only ever one stop for them. One of the many? They ONLY landed at the Kent farm (to question people) and then Superman took the battle to town and there there reinforcements and rescue by the villains in the town.

And the police drove up there and saw Superman with Kent's mother. And then they even picked the spaceship from the Kent house to bomb the UFO with. So yeah, the Kent house was just a ordinary house and just an ordinary stop for the aliens.

But man, we are talking in circles. I already said peace and we can suspend this specific conversation. Like I said, we just fundamentally disagree about it.

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