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Default Re: Goyer Admits They Didn't Plan How 'Reporter Clark Kent' Could Make Sense

I hope they flesh out more of a story this time, many scenes screamed out for extra minutes.

It can all be explained in a brief 'media' montage, at the beginning - like a prologue - a recap of aliens amongst earth, the damage done, the eye whitness reports - how this alien is here, helping rebuild not only the city, but public confidence.

A voice over of a normal civilian could be saying how there must be more information out there, but are protecting this alien as he is here for the good of man kind, an almost second coming if you will - we see smallville residents watch the article and ponder the notion as if to say - secret is safe with me (smallvie cop, class mates etc) IT WILL NEVER NEED TO BE MENTIONED AGAIN - EVIL LAUGH

But then this type of revelation will anger Lex big time, that some people are covering for him.

The government will down play this is in a big way, as it will change the way we view religion, science, our own planet etc.

Wouldn't even be surprised if some come out and try and say it was a false flag, an elaborate hoax from one nation to another, using meta humans, project blue beam (look it up) this could interest Bruce.

Although MOS wasn't straight forward, in simple telling a story telling, it is not beyond repair

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