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Default Re: MCU: Phase II - Part 1

Originally Posted by AvengeME View Post
So what happens when 5 years pass? 10 years? In the existing timeline and not real time. Stark is going to be played by Colin Farrel at that time? They need to come up with another explanation if that's not the case.

Banner is another guy. Does human Banner show signs of aging or does the Hulk prevent that? I don't know if comics provided an answer to that.
Ever notice how they don't use real years to describe the setting of the Marvel movies? (Other than CATFA which took place in the past, of course.) Not even in the "official" Marvel Timeline, that the studio put out. Instead, the timeline lists events as "Iron Man +2" or "IM -4" or whatever, using the first Iron Man movie as its "Anno Domini" starting point.


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