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Default Re: MCU: Phase II - Part 1

Originally Posted by AvengeME View Post
Even if the Avengers films take place in a span of a few months, what happens when Thanos invades? All of PII and PIII are happening in a span of a few months or a couple of years? I don't know. Just seems unlikely. Almost improbable. At least a couple of years need to pass. I don't see Marvel retreading previous territory. So unless the timeline moves at a snails place, the chronology will lengthen and characters will evolve.

I like how TDKR supposely has very large time gap since TDK. If the third movie leaves enough flexibility, Batman 4-6 could take place in between that with a younger actor. Plenty of time to explore so many Batman characters. That's how I would do a trilogy overlapping many years. Have a trilogy consistent with the age of your cast, without resorting to using makeup and CGI to age/de-age actors unless it is a neccessity.
Batman wasn't even around in the 8-year (IIRC) timespan between TDK & TDKR....the whole point of TDKR is that it's the first time Batman has been seen in Gotham since the Two-Face murders.

As for how much time has passed between Avengers and IM3,'s safe to say that the very ending of Avengers, with the TV clips and interviews, probably takes place at least a few days (if not longer) after the Chitauri invasion. It would be reasonable to assume that the action picks up in IM3 *shortly* after Avengers, but how "shortly" remains to be seen.


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