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Originally Posted by Liam_H View Post
Then it shouldn't be that big of a deal if there's a Super Bowl spot or not. It has to be a quality movie leading to good reviews to good word of mouth.
Well, if that were the cases, then why didn't Batman Begins, Star Trek, or X-Men: First Class make it to the 400 Million WW mark in BO?lol

I mean, I believed all three of those films were great in quality and had good worth of mouth, but I'm very perplexed on how those films never made it to the 400 Mark when so many other films of lesser quality and WOM did make it and even pass it.

Originally Posted by RoughNTumble View Post
haven't been keeping up

is there really a jenny olsen
It's just a theory based on the fact that the woman was listed as playing that character in IMDB; and honestly, I think the whole idea is kind of outrageous, let alone on how people are buying into it so easily, but then again, I shouldn't be one to quickly pass judgment since I have been easily fooled on other

Nevertheless, if a "New version" of Jimmy Olsen was going to be in this film, then they would have announced it ages ago, and plus, I see no reason why they would need to change the character into a woman.

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