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Default Re: After Nolan's BATMAN trilogy... - Part 1

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
Problem: they *can't* "not reboot it." A Bond style continuation requires something to continue from, and the Nolan films flat out make that impossible. They could, theoretically, make it a continuation of the older Burton/Schumacher films. . . but do I really need to explain why that would be an awful idea?
I understand you would have to 'reboot' some things (Batman, Harvey Dent, etc) But you could cast an older Bruce Wayne and claim he didn't die in TDKR and he came back to Gotham because of an increase of crime. This would also establish a 'robin' (maybe not the tights wearing guy we know but a more Oracle/Diggle from Arrow type of guy for now.)

Please DC, no origin movie

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