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Default Re: Wonder Woman Thread Reborn! - - Part 11

I don't really care if Arterton is WW; I just prefer her to Lawrence and somewhat Blunt. I would like to see a new actress in the role that is beautiful, talented, and very charismatic. It has been done before so I'm not worried about not seeing a newcomer up for this role with the right director, script and producers.

Also, I like Blunt, but honestly she just strikes me all wrong for the role of WW. Don't get me wrong she is attractive, but her face is not what I picture when I think if WW. She is too anglo looking if that makes any sense. Sorry if that offends anyone. Honestly having Blunt in the role would be like having one of the Deschanels in the role....and I love me some Zooey and Bones, but just can't see them as Wondy.

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