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Default Re: Wonder Woman Thread Reborn! - - Part 11

Originally Posted by MCU View Post
Have you not seen the manip from part 10 thread? Looks like the perfect wonder woman. The Deschanels is a no. Bones would sound like a robot and zoey just doesnt look the part at all.
I saw the manip awhile ago. It looks great. However, though that is one of the best manips I still don't see her as Wondy

Originally Posted by I SEE SPIDEY View Post
I watched that film and thought that she was fine but it wasn't a breakout performance to me.

I think she is a decent but not great actor but we don't need the greatest actor ever, we need the right person for the role. I thought she was very charming in Bond and Prince of Persia and would be a really strong casting choice.

I hate when people fancast already super successful actresses for every role. Give someone else a chance to break out.
Hear Hear. Give someone else a chance! Let this be their breakout performance.

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