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Default Re: The Official Michael Shannon IS General Zod - Part 4

Originally Posted by DMC40 View Post
I have a question did Zod seem like he was trying to get
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Superman to kill him. I mean Supes took away his meaning and purpose. So was it I know I'm dead but I will hurt as many people as I can before you kill me.
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He was in full on death seeker mode at least when they got in the headlock, and probably before that as well. He definitely wanted some amount of revenge, but he spent some time showing off his flying ability, so I think he was trying to prove to himself that he was the better warrior if nothing else. And while he clearly doesn't care about humans, I think he was intentionally controlling his heat vision towards the humans because he understood that would manipulate Kal-El towards killing him better than simply immolating them.

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